Child Psychologist

Parents who have children, who do not go to school or just started to attend school and adolescence with emotional, personal and behavioral problems, can benefit from the counseling of a psychologist for children. The can solve such problems:

  • choice of the strategy of upbringing taking into account the needs of every child;
  • solving various behavioral and emotional problems (disobedience, fears, anxiety, aggressiveness, shyness, or low self-esteem);
  • school failure and disadaptation, lack of motivation to learn;
  • difficulties in communicating with other children, teachers, parents;
  • reactions to a stressful situation (divorce of parents, death of relatives, birth of a brother or sister, change of school, etc.).

    These psychological consultations are used to help the children and parents, to choose an effective tactic of behavior in the current situation based on an understanding between them. The services of a child psychologist include the necessary explanatory and directive work, helping parents find ways out of this situation.

    Also, a child psychologist can provide psychosocial assistance to children and adolescents in the current difficult situations.

    Family psychotherapy

    Psychological help to parents and children, family psychotherapy allows solving various problems

  • correction of disharmonious child-parent relations;
  • the development of mutual understanding between parents;
  • solve problems between relatives;
  • find the best family opportunities for the harmonious development of the child.

    Family psychotherapy involves deep work on relationships with all family members and / or with each individual. The number and frequency of meetings are determined in the course of work.

    Most meetings are held once a week.

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