A psychotherapist is a specialist who treats mental disorders.

Who is a psychotherapist?

The psychotherapist depending on the basic education can be:

A psychiatrist. Due to the presence of higher medical education and specialization in the field of psychiatry, this specialist has the right to treat patients with any mental disorders, diagnose patients and prescribe medications. This doctor has clinical experience and must have a license.

A doctor of any other specialty (he has a higher medical education and a major specialization in any field of medicine). Such specialists make up about 10% of all psychotherapists. They have the right to use medicines during treatment, must have clinical experience and a license.

Clinical (medical) psychologist. This specialist thanks to the medical and psychological education has the right to treat certain psychosomatic and mental illnesses (in contact with a psychiatrist), but there is no right to prescribe medication.

A psychologist who graduated from the university with a degree in psychology. Since psychology belongs to the humanities (not medical), the psychologist-psychotherapist has no right to diagnose a client, treat mental illnesses and deal with medical problems, use medicines to treat medications and conduct medical manipulations.

A psychologist who has received a certificate after courses or seminars. They do not have a serious multi-level training, clinical practice and license; they cannot treat mental and psychosomatic diseases, and also apply medical methods of treatment.

A person with a higher education in humanities (or in the field of natural sciences), who received a certificate of a psychotherapist in courses, seminars or training. Serious multilevel training is absent, there are no clinical practices and licenses, they do not have the right and skills to treat psychiatric and psychosomatic diseases, and prescribe medications.

The main difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist is that the psychiatrist has a medical education, and a psychologist has only higher humanitarian education. Medical education (specialization of psychiatry) gives an opportunity and the right to treat a variety of mental illnesses and apply medical therapy, and the education of a psychologist allows you to conduct psychological counseling for mentally healthy people, engage in professional recruitment, etc.

Doctors-psychotherapists and clinical psychologists accept patients mainly in medical institutions, and psychological psychotherapists conduct private practice, including online consultations.

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